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    • PW
    • Posted April 12, 2009 at 3:09 AM
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    a lot of points were made that i find valid, one is that people are afraid to allow their kids to be educated and afraid themselves of educating them, afraid they will teach them “too much” i guess, as if it is promoting sex to educate them on protecting themselves. i dont fool myself into thinking my kid wont “do it”, but what i do is make sure that when or if they do, they will always be prepared to protect themselves. another thing is, parents are responsible, parents are responsible, i can say it over and over but if you dont get educated and make sure your kids are educated you are responsible for pregnancy and any disease they may get infected with. kids are doing more and more dangerous sexual acts, a lot of unsafe sex goes on in school bathrooms, playgrounds and the like. ive heard too many storys just from my own kids schools. girls 12 having anal sex so as to still be a virgin with they are married, who taught them this…??? i tell you what, if the parents didn’t teach them, whoever taught them will teach them other things you dont want your child to be educated with. at least if you take that initiative, you can be that influence instead of some friends who dont fully know or arent gonna fully tell them what they need to know. parents get educated, educate your children or allow them to be educated, i can say something on the churches too but thats another whole page……lol.

    • AaShantye
    • Posted April 15, 2009 at 12:16 PM
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    There were some valid points made on the show, but there is one that I believe should be explored more and that is the churches involvement in HIV/AIDS awareness. I find it a little naive that churches only allow the teaching of abstinence especially when on any given Sunday you see at least 10-12 teenage girls bouncing babies on their knees. Sure, it’s their choice, but realistic viewpoints are needed. Hiding the facts will not lower the incidence of HIV in churches. The truth is HIV is real and it has no religious denomination. Sweeping it under the rug is not going to work. If this issue is to be dealt with it has to be done without all the shades and facades. Hiding it will only make it more detrimental when it comes to the light. And as my mother always told me: What’s done or kept in the dark will come to the light eventually.

    • R
    • Posted April 16, 2009 at 6:22 AM
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    The issue of HIV is one of the most important topics among all people. It’s good to see dialogue; however, there are a few criticisms I have with the content of the show. Given the relaxed format, the show did drift off topic a few times. Another criticism is the repainting of HIV/AIDS as a gay disease. There were some pretty strong talking points throughout the show. The role of parents, teachers, and other social institutions as a means to combat and alleviate the problems that contribute to the tenacity of HIV, an issue which I feel is not hopelessly coupled with ideas of morality.

    I may have disagreed with a few of the conclusions drawn by the guest. Despite that, no one can deny that discussing the topic was definitely a productive exercise.

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