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Category Archives: Proofing

Typos, grammatical errors, confusing sentence structure, and inconsistent writing can prevent your work from being published. We will work with you to ensure that your creation is ready to present to the world.

One of our editors will read your manuscript, or sitcom script, and give a written assessment of its potential. We will then render a sincere opinion of the author’s strengths through nurturing and evaluation. The end effect: to ascertain the manuscript’s overall condition, taking measures to get it ready for submission.

A champion for the spoken word and defender of the
Internet Movement,
Ð. Stylz,

D. Stylz

scriptwriter  and lover of
romance and tragedy, spent the last several years
transitioning his addiction for critique into a utensil
for independent novelists.

With an editing style that nurtures as well as inspires,
he prides himself in his ability to be unbiased,
resulting in delivering the most honest reviews
one can get.