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………………a novel by Da’Neen Hale

The torrid tale of Yaasa and Chee.

As a man, Chee’s feelings of loss and needing to feel the comfort of Love were easy to relate to.
His threat was palpable, and as disgusting as second hand smoke. His actions in public were barbaric. The author’s absolute thoroughness in her creation of Chee, making him an incomplete man that lost and  forever missed developmental nurturing, was manifested not only in Yaasa’s fear of what has happened, but also in her dejectedness by allowing the tragedy to continue. He wasn’t always savage, with most of his sick subtleties being equally as disturbing as his savagery was shocking. I couldn‘t begin to assess the damage that he claimed in his misguided pursuit of Yaasa.

POSSESSION had a primetime feel to it. Her time sense most fluid, instilling contempt and urgency in her readers early on; I read portions of this piece with open mouthed  disgust.

Handy tools that Ms. Hale saw fit to bless her readers with: domestic abuse statistics including the toll free number for the National Domestic Abuse Hotline (1-800-799-SAFE), and a list of questions that would be helpful in creating dialogue for book discussion.

POSSESSION was not about domestic violence; it‘s a tale of an angry, misguided man that let the best thing that ever happened to him slip through his fingers…….and he hated himself for it.

I enjoyed the time I spent with Ms. Hale’s creation. Although I was sometimes overwhelmed with consumer branding she more than made up for it with her relentless route to the climax.

Write on, Ms Hale.

Ð. Stylz

Editor in Chief

Chaklet Coffee Books


It was my pleasure to read Erotica Unveiled, a
novel that delivers heat in nineteen chapters.

Her stories are like glass etchings; hard,
elegant, and precise artwork, with heat added
through bold strokes of color and imagery. Told
in grand fashion, male and female readers
alike will appreciate the method of  story telling
employed by this New York native, effortlessly
depicting scene after scene of seductive word
manipulation that induces throbbing, stroking,
swooning, spillage, and love making, in no
particular order.

She knows when to thrust, when to touch, and
when to hush, allowing the rush of the climax to
ebb and flow into the next slam dance of carnal
insight, sucking you in, riding you like a horse
with flaring nostrils…..until the last drops
soundlessly spot the floor……..leaving you
alone with your thoughts, listening for an echo
that never existed.

Ivanna Howles will wrap you up in this,
her first foray into adult fiction. I had the
pleasure of catching Ms. Howles in an
interview last weekend. She was excitedly
discussing the projects that she has on the
horizon; her shyness was a captivating facet of
the smoldering vixen within and a testament of
her ability to pleasure her readers with a
variety of scandalous scenarios.

An absolute gem.